Softening Units

Uncomfortable and unsightly problems occur when water is too hard, such as mineral scaling on hardware and its effects on skin and hair. The appropriate hardness of end-user water is vital for comfort.

Our systems include the following:

Softening plants
  • Automatic single or double softening plants for cold and warm water, up to 30m/h flow
  • The unit can be supplied on a Steel skid and includes piping, fine filters and a back flow preventer. A control cabinet is cabled with the plant.
  • The unit is controlled via a flow meter or an on-line hardness device with automatic blending armatures for soft water
Softening filters
  • Simple softening filters with resin material, include external piping and valves
  • When the regeneration of resin is needed, the caustic soda is inserted and the valves are appropriately adjusted.
  • Capacity up to 5m/h.

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