Mineralizing Systems - De-acidification Filters

Mineralizing system Deacidification filter The water produced by means of evaporators (distillate) or R.O. plants (permeate) lacks minerals and is not suitable for use. Due to low pH and dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, it is very corrosive to metals (such as pipes, heater, armature, etc.). For these reasons reasons it is necessary to neutralize/de-acidify the produced water while simultaneously rising the pH value into the alkaline area.

The neutralization process is performed by passing the produced water through filters, which are filled with a CaCO3 re-hardening material such as Akdolit® Hydro-Calcit and Akdolit® Hydro-Carbonat (Juraperle-limestone).

Our filters have a capacity from 25m/day to 800m/day.

The filters are constructed of:

The complete mineralizing system is designed for automatic operation. By means of addeing a catalyst, the hardness can be adjusted to the desired value and monitored with a titrator.

This system consist of:

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