Fresh Water Treatment

Fresh water treatment systems provide disinfection and pH correction functions to prevent infection and diseases caused by unsuitable water. These complex systems are vital to ensure the ceanliness and quality of water to the end-user.

Kovar Water Treatment has the expertise to comply with all the requirements of the WHO and USPHD. With our years of experience in this sphere, you can be assured that our automatic systems will provide years of clean water which meet all regulations.

Our automatic treatment/dosing units are used for:

The units are automatic systems constructed and built as modules assembled on steel skids, completely piped and wired, ready for operation. Only external piping and power supply tie-ins are necessary.

Standard units consist of:

Service system units are equipped also with a second chlorination dosing unit as a stand-by along with a de-chlorination dosing unit.

We also specialize in the conversion of existing systems and also modifying systems from battery acid to the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) dosing, utilizing beverage CO2 bottles.

The following applications of dosing systems are also available:

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